Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Butterfly Effect Project

Support 9 Filipino volunteers as they venture into 6 months of life-changing experience through voluntarism and cultural exchange.

The Butterfly Effect Project aims to mobilize the youth to promote and support volunteering through Global Xchange. This project seeks to advance the knowledge and awareness of the youth, by encouraging them to participate in meaningful activities to serve as a generative force in human resource development committed to the values of volunteerism, social transformation, equity and diversity.

I Am A Changemaker: Social Enterprise Business Plan Competition

Deadline Extended to 15 June 2010


We are looking for a new breed of entrepreneurs who dream up innovative solutions to help solve problems in their communities.

This new breed of people are called Social Entrepreneurs - a distinct group of individuals with a definite and more positive attitude towards entrepreneurship.

Social Entrepreneurs* act as change agents for society, seizing opportunities others miss and improving systems, inventing new approaches, and creating solutions to change society for the better.

They change the face of business by spotting social problems and issues and find innovative ways to address them.
They are ambitious and persistent, tackling major social issues and offering new ideas for wide-scale change.
Rather than leaving societal needs to the government or business sectors, social entrepreneurs find what is not working and solve the problem by changing the system, spreading the solution, and persuading entire societies to take new leaps.

Are you a social entrepreneur? Do you have a groundbreaking idea in mind? Do you have what it takes to mobilize people and resources to create wide-ranging social change?

If so, we invite you to join now. It starts with an idea to make the world a better place. There is nothing as powerful as a new idea in the hands of a social entrepreneur.


I am A Changemaker operates like a business plan competition, awarding seed capital directly to the best social enterprise idea that best meets our criteria.
It provides a vehicle for taking innovations from idea to reality, and is a real-world exercise for improving your skills in:

Starting a Project/Business
Pitching ideas to possible investors
Building networks

No matter what your idea may be, we challenge you to unleash your ideas, energy and idealism to affect positive social change in our society. The only limit to the range of projects eligible for the award is your ambition and imagination.

Australian Leadership Awards

How to apply for an ALA Scholarship

Applications for the 2011 intake open on 10 March 2010 and close on 30 June 2010.
Note: You must read the Australian Leadership Awards Scholarships Handbook carefully before filling in an application.
You may submit your application online or by mail.
Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements and that you have all the required supporting documentation. AusAID will not consider ineligible or incomplete applications.

All information provided in support of your application for an ALA Scholarship must be true and correct. AusAID reserves the right to verify the contents of academic transcripts and other claims made by you. If you are found to have submitted false, incorrect or misleading information, AusAID will disqualify you from the ALA Scholarships Program at any time.
A woman writing at a table

Application requirements

  • Applications, either hard copy or online, received after 30 June 2010 willnot be considered.
  • Only one application per person is permitted. If more than one is submitted, the applicant will be considered ineligible.
  • Hard copy applications should be typewritten and signed.
  • Applications or documentation sent by email or fax will not be considered.
  • Ineligible or incomplete applications will not be considered.
A complete application consists of:
  • One (1) completed application form, accompanied by
  • One (1) set of supporting documentation (verified true copies, not originals.)
Note: Follow up supporting documentation provided after the application is submitted will not be considered.

Applying online

The preferred application method is online at the Online Australian Scholarships Information System (OASIS) website. When you register online, you will be required to answer some questions to establish your eligibility. You will then be given a unique ALA Registration Number, Username and Password.
You do not need to submit your application immediately. You can update your draft application form as well as attach and update supporting documentation up until 30 June 2010. Once you submit your application you cannot do anything more with it.

Applying by mail

You may apply by mail if you cannot access the internet. Printed application forms can be obtained from the appropriate Australian High Commission, Embassy or their Managing Contractor, or you can download the form.
Completed hard copy application forms and supporting documentation must be received by 30 June 2010 by the appropriate Australian High Commission, Embassy or the Managing Contractor that has been nominated to review applications from your country of citizenship.

Application links

Online Australian Scholarships Information System (OASIS)
  • Online registration
  • Online application
ALA Scholarships—Documents
  • OASIS User Manual
  • Application form
  • Handbook
  • Referee report template
  • AusAID’s letter to institution
Contact list
  • Addresses of Australian Embassies, High Commissions or their Managing Contractors

Verified true copies

To verify a document as a true copy, you should present the original document and the copy to a Commissioner of Oaths, Public Notary or other formally recognized authority in your home country. This official should sight both documents and verify with a stamp and/or a signature that the copy is a true copy of the original document. You will have to pay any fees charged by officials for verifying documents.
If you are submitting an online application, you should scan the verified true copies of your supporting documents (not the originals) and attach them as PDF files with your application.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Green Future: Asia and Europe Growing Sustainably


1-3 September 2010, Munich (Germany)


The Asia-Europe Environment Forum (ENVforum) 2010 Conference “A Green Future: Asia and Europe Growing Sustainably” will be held in Munich, Germany, on 1st to 3rd September 2010.
The ENVforum co-organisers, namely, the Asia-Europe Foundation, the Hanns Seidel Foundation, the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, the Swedish Environmental Secretariat in Asia and the United Nations Environment Programme, welcome proposals for workshops to be organised during the period of the conference.
Up to ten workshop proposals will be selected by the ENVforum co-organisers. Financial support will be available to successful workshop hosts in the form of travel and accommodation subsidies for a select number of workshop speakers and/or selected participants from Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) countries.
The final selection of speakers and participants will also be done by the ENVforum co-organisers, in order to ensure a balanced representation of all ASEM nationals at the conference.

The conference presents an effort to provide a platform for meaningful Asia-Europe exchanges via policy dialogue, co-operation and engagement with private and civil society actors. 
Specifically, the conference intends to:
1. Contribute to sustainable Asia-Europe co-operation at the bi-regional level;
2. build trust and confidence between Asian and European countries around
    major policy debates and international discussions; and,
3. develop action-oriented recommendations for the ASEM process and
    provide a voice for ASEM in international policy dialogue (including in the
    upcoming the Rio+20 Earth Summit 2012).

The above-mentioned objectives would be translated into cross-cutting questions for up to 10 different workshops held over a period of three days. Such a format provides space for in-depth discussion of various aspects and implications of scarce resources in present and future settings.
Workshops could be organised along the following themes:
Green Economy
  • Sustainable consumption and production;
  • water;
  • renewable energy; or
  • climate change mitigation
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
  • Marine environment;
  • Forestry;
  • REDD+;
  • climate resilience /adaptation;
  • food security; and
  • bioenergy (includes biofuels)
Environmental Governance
  • Environmental education;
  • global funding / capacity building;
  • trust- and confidence-building in policy
    debates and multilateral environmental
    agreement (MEA) negotiations; and
  • environment outlooks
The workshop-based approach of the conference will allow participants to engage in in-depth discussion of topics that are of particular interest.
In addition, plenary and other public sessions will be held to provide a more comprehensive overview and further enrich the dialogue.
The final outcome will take into account both the various discussions generated during the conference as well as conclusions from previous ENVforum roundtables. This should result in a set of relevant action-oriented recommendations with an outlook to the future and concrete proposals for joint action that can be useful to ASEM governments at the local, national, regional and bi-regional levels. It will be disseminated through channels contributing to ASEM summit in October 2010 in Brussels, Belgium, the UNFCCC COP 16 in Mexico City, Mexico, as well as other international fora.
Moreover, the conference is designed to catalyse stronger Asia-Europe action, contributing towards the ASEM agenda, as the world gears toward the Rio+20 Earth Summit 2012.

Approximately 150 ASEM nationals who are experts in the different areas of sustainability, development and the environment in Asia and Europe are expected to attend. They will be representatives of government, civil society and the business community.
The final selection of speakers and participants will be done by the ENVforum co-organisers, in order to ensure a balanced representation of all ASEM nationals at the conference.

FormatInterested organisations are invited to submit a maximum four-page proposal for a possible workshop idea, following the proposed format in ANNEXE 1.
Selection Criteria
  • Workshops should be prepared in joint co-operation of at least one Asian and one European organisation.
  • Workshops should cover the topics relevant for both regions.
  • Proposals should include a section to elaborate how the proposed topic is most closely related to one or more of the three conference topics, namely, the green economy; biodiversity and ecosystem services; and, environmental governance.
It is recommended to include the perspectives of different stakeholders by encouraging their participation as co-hosts or speakers/participants for the proposed workshop.
Submission Documents
Workshop proposals should be submitted along with the Memorandum of Understanding(s) among the partner institutions (please indicate leading institution).

Interested organisations should submit workshop proposals by e-mail for further consideration by 25th April 2010.

Successful workshop hosts will be eligible for the following support from the ENVforum co-organisers:
  • Extensive networking opportunities with relevant experts in the different areas of sustainability, development and the environment in Asia and Europe.
  • Secretariat support prior, during and after the conference.
  • Travel subsidies (i.e. point-to-point economy airfare and airport transfers) for a select number of workshop speakers and/or participants from ASEM member countries.
  • Accommodation support for a select number of workshop and/or participants from ASEM member countries.
  • Local hospitality for all workshop participants.
  • The publication of conference proceedings that will disseminated widely among relevant stakeholders in ASEM member countries.

All enquiries and submissions must be addressed to:
          Ms Grazyna Pulawska
          Project Executive, Intellectual Exchange
          Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF)
          31 Heng Mui Keng Terrace 119595 Singapore
          Phone: +65-6874-9710

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

Established in honor of the late U.S. Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey, the fellowship program sends outstanding mid-career Filipino professionals in public service from both the public and private sectors to the United States for a year of university study and work-related practical experience. The program develops leaders who will have "multiplier effect" on their society.

The fellowship provides for tuition and fees, a monthly maintenance allowance, book and supplies, and round-trip international travel to the Fellow's English language center (when applicable), to the host institution, and to Washington, DC for a workshop. Supplementary funds are available for professional activities such as field trips or attendance at conferences. Humphrey Fellowships are not renewable.
Application period is from March 1 to June 6, 2010.
Printed copy of completed applications must be received at the PAEF office on or before June 4, 2010.
Grantees are expected to begin their fellowships in the U.S. in August 2011.