Thursday, August 27, 2009

DAAD Scholarship Program for the Philippines for Academic Year 2010/2011

The Press and Cultural Section of the German Embassy of Manila is looking for the most suitable candidates for the following DAAD Scholarship Programmes:

A. Research Grants for Doctoral Candidates and Young Academics and Scientists (including the "sandwich program")
Research grants provide an opportunity to carry out a research project or a course of continuing education at a German university or non-university reasearch institute. At
the time of application, no more than six years should have passed since the graduate gained the last degree; in the case of doctoral students, no more than three years should have passed since starting the doctoral process; and in the case of post-docs, no more than four years should have passed since gaining the doctorate.

B. Re-invitations for Former DAAD Scholarship Holders
Former DAAD-scholarship holders can apply for grants for to complete research or a work project at a German state institution of higher education or non-university research institute lasting from 1 to 3 months

The deadline for the submission of applications for these two programs is on October 15, 2009 at the German Embassy.

C. Study Visits to Germany for groups of foreign students
Information visits by groups of foreign students under an academic lecturer with the aim of establishing and developing contacts, undertaking tours, meetings and discussions between the home institution and German institutions in their specific academic field.

Please pay particular attention to the different deadlines for the submission of applications for Study Visits to Germany for groups of foreign students and that the deadlines indicated below are for the date of receipt at the DAAD Office in Bonn. As the DAAD receives numerous applications for this program, please submit your application at least 2 months before the deadline.

- 1 February each year for trips to commence on 1 June
- 1 November each year for trips to commence on 1 March
- 1 May each year for trips to commence on 1 September

D. Practical Traineeships for Foreign Students fo Natural and Technical Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry
Filipino students interested in a training placement in Germany should address the National IAESTE Committee in the Philippines. Further information is available at:

E. Postgraduate Courses for Professionals with Relevance to Developing Countries
This scholarship program offers further specialized studies to university degree holders, who have already gained professional experience (at least two years). Most courses, save for a few exceptions, are geared to the needs of applicants, who, at the time of their application, are engaged in the planning and execution of projects related to development policy in their
respective fields. Information regarding this program including a list of courses offered and application deadlines can be found on the website:

F. Special DAAD Scholarship Programs for masteral, doctoral candidates and Post-Docs
Depending on the availability of funds, these DAAD grants are for masteral studies, research projects for a doctorate or post-docs.

F.1 Master's Scholarships for Public Policy and Good Governance (PPGG)
This program is designed to academically qualify future leaders in politics, law, economics and administration according to the principles of Good Governance. Deadline for this program is on 31 August 2009 at the German Embassy. Further details about the program can be found on the website:

F.2 DLR-DAAD Research Fellowships
This new program is implemented by the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) and the DAAD. The special program is intended for highly-qualified foreign doctoral and postdoctoral students as well as senior scientists. It provides the opportunity to conduct special research at the institutes of DLR in Germany. The special application form and
all current offers and deadlines for this program can be found on the website:

Applications submitted after the aforementioned deadlines cannot be considered. Application forms may be downloaded from the DAAD website . Additional information regarding the different types of scholarships, the prerequisites for the applications, the German institutions of higher education, application forms, etc. may also be accessed through the DAAD homepage and the German Embassy website:*l

Should be there any questions regarding the DAAD scholarship programs, please do not hesitate to contact the following:

Natalie Voges -
(DAAD Lecturer, UP Diliman)

Davina Dy: (German Embassy Manila)
Press and Cultural Section
German Embassy Manila
25F, Tower 2, RCBC Plaza
6819 Ayala Ave.
Makati City
Tel: +63-2-702-3000, DL: 702-3038
Fax: +63-2-702-3015
E-mail: (direct)
(general inquiries)
(Press & cultural section)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

International Youth Conference 2009

Sept. 28 – Oct. 2, 2009


The State Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia and National Commission of Indonesia to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in collaboration with UNESCO Jakarta Office will organize the International Youth Conference 2009 with the theme, “The Role of Youth to Establish Peace, toward a Future World without Violent Radicalization”. The conference aims to sensitize youth with idea on the importance of peace, to promote ethical principles among youth and to support the efforts of youth to foster a culture of peace and tolerance.

Venue and date:

The conference will be held in Indonesia on September 28 to October 2, 2009 in Banten and West Java Provinces , Indonesia .


* Filipino citizen
* Between 18 to 30 years old
* Those who are interested in peace issues and youth development
* Must have a good command in English
* Of good moral character
* Physically and mentally fit to travel
* Preferably a first time traveler; former recipients of NYC funded international programs from September 28, 2008 to September 28, 2009 are disqualified to apply
* Must have a valid passport until at least six (6) months after the date of the departure for the program. Applicants without any passport details shall not be considered.


The organizers will cover all costs in connection with the event including accommodations, local transport, meals and other costs to be incurred for one participant, but international airfare expenses and personal expenses must be shouldered by the participants.


The deadline of submission of the application forms is September 4, 2009. Please fill up application forms and send to .


The European Association for the Defense of Human Rights – AEPADO organizes the International Project “Be aware, Not addicted”.

The main activity of this project is the Antidrug Competition “It’s my life, it’s my
decision” which is structured in 3 sections: journalism articles, mottos and posters
addressed to youth from all over the world. The registration will be made exclusively online in Romanian or English language using the registration system from the project’s blog:

The aim of this project is to edit the first Online Guide of Good Practices against
Drugs made by youth for youth. The project has a number of original elements:

¨ the Guide Book of Good Practices, which will be promoted on the Internet and on
¨ teenagers awarded at the final stage of the competition can become the
promoters of the project in the following editions;
¨ unlike other anti-drug campaigns, “Be aware, not addicted” emphasizes the
personal example;
¨ uses all the necessary factors for the fight against drugs;

Additional details:
- project’s blog;
- competition folder;


I. of applicants
- legal person established in the country of origin (NGO, public authority, etc);
II. of event
- To have as theme: prevention, reduction or combating drug abuse and/or stimulation of creativity and inventiveness of young people;
- To include participants aged 14 to 19;
- To promote the international competition “It’s my life! It’s my decision!” with the use of the materials provided by the organizers;
- To be available at least at a local level;


1st August – 15th October 2009
* Promoting the selection of events;
* Submitting applications;
* Organization of events (all activities must end before October 15);

Monday, August 17, 2009

Enabling Bio-innovations for Poverty Alleviation in Asia

The Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, with support from Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC) launched in August 2009 the second call for proposals for the small grants competition program to tackle bio-innovation and its social and policy implications for poverty alleviation in the Asian Region.

Application Procedure and Deadline

Applications should be submitted in the form of a letter of intent (maximum of 2 pages) introducing the applicant (individual or organization), explaining the proposed research project, and its relevance to the themes discussed in the Call for Proposal.

Short-listed applicants will be requested to submit a 10 to 15 page fully developed research proposal.

Deadline for submission of Concept Notes: September 15, 2009

Short-listed concept notes announced: September 30, 2009

Deadline for submission of Full Proposal: October 31, 2009

Announcement of Results: November 15, 2009

Small Grants Inception and Launching: December 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Climate leaders: release your creative powers - How can art enhance our ability to think and act differently?

Bangkok, Thailand
12-19 October 2009.

Interactive workshop about Project management and Leadership skills is one of many activities that British Council organise to help building the climate cool network around the region. It also aims to help emerging leaders develop their skills so that they can influence a wider range of people once they go back to their communities.

For this workshop in Thailand, the British Council has set up a partnership with the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) which engages in multiple ways through programmes on cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration on climate change and sustainable development in and between Asia and Europe.

The Workshop Climate leaders: release your creative powers - How can art enhance our ability to think and act differently? will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 12-19 October 2009.

Deadline of Application: 30 August 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

8th Asia-Europe Classroom Network Conference

26- 30 October 2009
Sonderborh, Denmark

In collaboration with the Sønderborg Municipality with support from the Danish Ministry of Education, Hørup Centralskole, Nyborg Friskole and Herfølge Skole, the 8th Asia-Europe Classroom Network Conference will take place from 26 to 30 October 2009 in Sønderborg, Denmark.

Formerly known as the AEC International Teachers’ Conference, the AEC-NET Conference is an annual meeting since year 2001 that gathers secondary and high school teachers and educators from Asia and Europe who take a keen interest in fostering collaborations among their students using infocomm (ICT) methods and tools. The online collaborative projects initiated at each Conference are referred to as the AEC Projects.

The theme for the 8th AEC-NET Conference will be “The Impact of Climate Change and Sustainable Development Within the School Community in Asia and Europe”.

UN IPC-IG Humanizing Development Global Photography Campaign

How do you see development? How can you portrait the human face of the development processes? How do you show that development initiatives and programmes improve the lives of people? This Global Photography Campaign aims to show examples of people winning the battle against poverty, social exclusion and marginalization. It is intended to raise awareness of the successes in the development process. The campaign is intended to counterbalance the frequently shown images of desolation and despair. A photo gallery will to be permanently located at IPC-IG office and open for public visitation. A series of photo exhibitions will also be organized in several cities around the world. Everyone can and is strongly encouraged to participate in this global effort and contribute with a photograph. Join us now in showing development through a different lens! Let’s promote and share successful development initiatives!

The themes

This campaign will enable people to contribute photographs related to a wide array of development situations, such as:

* Overcoming poverty, social exclusion and marginalisation.
* Enlarging people's choices and supporting local development initiatives.
* Promoting self-esteem, confidence and hope.
* Building a brighter future and advancing human capacities.
* Fighting deprivation and expanding access to food, water, sanitation, education and health services for the poor.
* Eliminating gender inequalities in the labour market.
* Empowering women.
* Fighting discrimination, domestic violence, abuse and exploitation.
* Eliminating child labour and promoting decent work opportunities.
* Expanding access to education and improving its quality and social inclusiveness through innovative approaches.
* Innovative initiatives on local development, enhancing the participation of communities in decision processes.
* Enhancing women's potential and participation in development processes.
* Promoting women's leadership and equal opportunity to develop talents.
* Building democratic governance and developing institutions and processes that are more responsive to the needs of ordinary citizens, including the poor. Alleviating exclusion, suffering, injustice and waste caused by corruption.
* Empowering citizens to combat the destructive influence of corruption, entrenched networks and abuse of power.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

International Young Fashion Entrepreneur Award

1. International Young Creative Entrepreneur – Fashion

For the purpose of this award, the Fashion sector is defined as the following:

•Fashion, textile, accessories or perfume design and production
•Fashion promotion: shows, exhibitions, festivals, events
•Fashion retail: buying, merchandising
•Fashion product research, sourcing, supply chain management
•Fashion marketing, PR, branding, journalism
•Fashion publishing, communications, websites
•Consultants providing specialist services in any of the areas outlined

2. IYCE - Definition and Eligibility

Definition of a creative entrepreneur

For the purpose of this awards programme we define creative entrepreneurs as follows:

•Somebody working in the creative sector who is able to demonstrate business success in the classic terms of business growth (profit, market share, employees) and/or in terms of his or her reputation (quality and aesthetic) amongst their peers.

•Somebody working in the creative sector who has developed a successful (in terms of impact and reach) social or not for profit enterprise in this sector.

•Somebody working in the creative sector who has shown leadership in the industry by championing its development in their country.

•Somebody working in the creative sector who has developed initiatives (exhibitions, trade fairs, festivals etc) that develop and grow the market for this sector in their country.

Qualities of a creative entrepreneur

For the purpose of the awards programme, creative entrepreneurs should possess the following qualities:

•Entrepreneurial ability
•Leadership ability/potential to change their sector
•Market awareness and understanding
•Originality of ideas
•International outlook and ability to network with the UK/globally


A participant must:

•Be aged between 25 and 35 at the date applications are due
•Already work in the creative sector (as outlined in each of the sectoral definitions below) with at least three years experience in their sector
•Be entrepreneurial and have shown their ability in the promotion of that creative sector in their country, in either a commercial context, public context, or both
•Through their character, drive and abilities, demonstrate their potential to be a future leader of the sector in their country
•Have English language skills to IELTS 6 - ‘competent user’ or above

3.The Prize

UK Tour – The chosen finalist from the Philippines will go on a 10-12 day tour of the UK along with the 9 other country finalists from around the world participating in the programme. The UK tour is an opportunity for these finalists to learn more about the UK fashion industry as well as meet with UK industry experts. This will culminate with the finalist attending London Fashion Week in February 2010.

The overall winner (to be chosen in an awarding ceremony held during the UK tour) will receive:

A physical award – a special commission bowl by acclaimed glass designers, Gillies Jones

A financial prize of £5,000 - to be spent on a project in collaboration with the British Council that builds the relationship between the winner’s country and the UK

4.Contact details

For more information on the awards scheme, please contact:

Ana Tan
Programme Manager

British Council
10/F Taipan Place
F Ortigas Jr Road
Ortigas Centre, Pasig City

T +63 (2) 9141011-14
F +63 (2) 9141020

Global Youth Summit

UK from 15-21 November
Switzerland from 27-31 January 2010

At the end of the week, six Global Changemakers will be chosen to represent the group at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos in January 2010.

In order to apply for this event, you need to:

* Complete the online application form
* Send an application video on YouTube (or a different filesharing service – see the instructions)

You can check out the questions on the application form here.

As a reminder, to be selected for the 4th Annual Global Youth Summit, individuals should:

* Be committed to bringing about positive change in their communities
* Have a significant track record of community activism, social entrepreneurship or volunteer work
* Be between 16 and 19 years old in November 2009
* Have a reasonably good command of English (the event will be held in English so participants will need to be able to fluidly communicate with each other)
* Be free to attend the Global Youth Summit in the UK from 15-21 November, as well as the WEF Annual Meeting in Switzerland from 27-31 January 2010, if selected.

What is a Changemaker?

A Changemaker is a young activist operating through a range of national and international networks, who is able to influence his or her community as well as speak to authority with confidence and passion. Changemakers are not afraid to challenge either accepted ways of thinking or their convictions. Changemakers are forward looking, they take their ideas and put them into practice.

A Changemaker accepts difference, is flexible, is able to take on new ideas and skills and will communicate them to others.

For more info, please visit or email

Youth Encounter on Sustainability (YES)

Braunwald, Switzerland
23rd October – 9th November 2009

ACTIS, in collaboration with the Alliance for Global Sustainability (a university partnership between the ETH Zurich, MIT Boston, University of Tokyo and Chalmers University), is please to announce the opening of applications for the 2009 Youth Encounter on Sustainability (YES) course in Braunwald, Switzerland. The two week course aims to sensitize participants to the complex issues of sustainable development in a global context, though course work, field trips, workshops, group work, discussions and practical learning experiences, combined with social and cultural activities. The course brings together an inspiring group of upper level university students from many different disciplines, cultures and nationalities to learn together in a unique environment. The program builds on 10 years of experience successfully running YES in Switzerland, Australia Costa Rica, Japan, Slovakia, Austria and Kenya. Organisation of the YES programs was transferred from ETHsustainability, the Center for Sustainability at the ETH Zurich, to ACTIS in early 2009. ACTIS is an ETH spin-off organisation created specifically to expand the YES program and related activities.

Course Dates: 23rd October – 9th November 2009

Course Location: Braunwald, Switzerland

Deadline for applications: 14th August 2009

For more information, contact:

Michelle Grant
Project Manager
ACTIS – Activating Talent in Sustainability

Bluntschlisteig 1
CH-8002 Zurich
Ph: +41 44 280 3306?Fax: +41 44 632 1597

The application form can be downloaded here: YES Braunwald 2009 Application form

Business in Development (BiD) Challenge Philippines

The Business in Development (BiD) Challenge Philippines offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop and execute business plans that improve the living conditions of poor Filipinos. Its uniqueness is that it encourages the germination of an idea, identifies excellent concepts and plans, and provides mentors and coaches that can direct the idea towards viability and sustainability.

Previous years’ Philippine business plans were innovative, out-of-the box –a testimony to the creativity, resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirit of the Filipino. Be inspired in the same way the others have been.
How to PARTICIPATE in the BiD Challenge Philippines

▪ Read the PARTICIPATION CRITERIA to check your eligibility. Click on
the box ‘Who can participate?’ on the right.
▪ Join the BiD Network and create your profile. Click on the box ‘How to
present your plan’ on the right.
▪ Log on and click ‘New Contribution.’ Write your plan application by filling
out the online business concept form.

BiD Challenge Philippines is organised by the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP)

Democracy Camp 2009 and Project Grant Competition

Calling all student leaders and young people representing any college or youth organization in Metro-Manila.

THE PHILIPPINE CENTER FOR CIVIC EDUCATION AND DEMOCRACY (PCCED) and ORTIGAS FOUNDATION’s Democracy Camp 2009 is now accepting applicants for this year’s most intensive seminar-workshop for youth leaders designed to provide with in-depth and immersive training in critical knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to be effective citizens in a democracy.

Be one of the first 50 youth participants to experience the 4-day camp interspersed with practical and real-world skills training in program management and consensus building to further hone your leadership skills.

Slots are limited to maximum of two representatives per organization.

There is a camp fee of Php 1,000 per participant, which fee includes food (3 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 dinners and 3 snacks), accommodation for 3 nights, conference materials, camp merchandise, transportation to and from the camp venue and amenities of the training venue.

Click here for complete APPLICATION GUIDELINES

Ortigas Foundation Project Grant Competition

Ortigas Foundation, Inc. encourages youth leaders who will be attending the Democracy Camp 2009 to look at the problems they are facing in the light of what the participants will learn from the camp and apply the principles of effective citizenship and leadership in a democracy to solving these problems. Ortigas Foundation will be providing a grant to the three proposals that would best show viability in effecting long-lasting solution to problems their communities are facing.

The best project proposal will be given a grant worth P100,000.00; Second place, P50,000.00; And third place, P30,000.00.

Only organizations with representative/s to the camp are eligible to join the Project Grant Competition.

The complete competition mechanics will be announced during the camp.

For more information:


Look for Mr. Joseph Emmanuel Lansang

Application deadline is on August 21, 2009, Friday, 12:00nn.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


The ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) is pleased to inform you of the successful launch of ZOOMING IN ON BIODIVERSITY, the first ASEAN-wide Photo Contest on Biodiversity.

In partnership with the European Commission, ASEAN Member States, and the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication, the contest aims to generate public awareness on the importance of sustaining our biodiversity. Powerful images of biodiversity’s importance to food security, health, livelihood, climate change, and other pressing issues and concerns can translate awareness into public support to reducing biodiversity loss – a silent crisis that could lead to humankind’s extinction.

The contest will run until 30 August 2009 and winners will be awarded during the ACB side event at the ASEAN Conference on Biodiversity in Singapore on 21 – 23 October 2009.

We would appreciate it if you could help ACB promote the photo contest within your network by distributing the attached announcement and poster design and by posting them on your website, with link to the ACB website, until 30 August 2009.

We thank you in advance for your support.

Rolando A. Inciong
Head, Public Affairs
ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity
3F, ERDB Building, Forestry Campus
UP Los Banos 4031
Laguna, Philippines
Phone: (63) 49 536 1044 Ext 507
Mobile: (63) 917 867 5351