Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Business in Development (BiD) Challenge Philippines

The Business in Development (BiD) Challenge Philippines offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop and execute business plans that improve the living conditions of poor Filipinos. Its uniqueness is that it encourages the germination of an idea, identifies excellent concepts and plans, and provides mentors and coaches that can direct the idea towards viability and sustainability.

Previous years’ Philippine business plans were innovative, out-of-the box –a testimony to the creativity, resourcefulness and entrepreneurial spirit of the Filipino. Be inspired in the same way the others have been.
How to PARTICIPATE in the BiD Challenge Philippines

▪ Read the PARTICIPATION CRITERIA to check your eligibility. Click on
the box ‘Who can participate?’ on the right.
▪ Join the BiD Network and create your profile. Click on the box ‘How to
present your plan’ on the right.
▪ Log on and click ‘New Contribution.’ Write your plan application by filling
out the online business concept form.

BiD Challenge Philippines is organised by the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP)


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