Tuesday, August 18, 2009

International Youth Conference 2009

Sept. 28 – Oct. 2, 2009


The State Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia and National Commission of Indonesia to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in collaboration with UNESCO Jakarta Office will organize the International Youth Conference 2009 with the theme, “The Role of Youth to Establish Peace, toward a Future World without Violent Radicalization”. The conference aims to sensitize youth with idea on the importance of peace, to promote ethical principles among youth and to support the efforts of youth to foster a culture of peace and tolerance.

Venue and date:

The conference will be held in Indonesia on September 28 to October 2, 2009 in Banten and West Java Provinces , Indonesia .


* Filipino citizen
* Between 18 to 30 years old
* Those who are interested in peace issues and youth development
* Must have a good command in English
* Of good moral character
* Physically and mentally fit to travel
* Preferably a first time traveler; former recipients of NYC funded international programs from September 28, 2008 to September 28, 2009 are disqualified to apply
* Must have a valid passport until at least six (6) months after the date of the departure for the program. Applicants without any passport details shall not be considered.


The organizers will cover all costs in connection with the event including accommodations, local transport, meals and other costs to be incurred for one participant, but international airfare expenses and personal expenses must be shouldered by the participants.


The deadline of submission of the application forms is September 4, 2009. Please fill up application forms and send to smorgasbord10@yahoo.com .


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