Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Global Youth Summit

UK from 15-21 November
Switzerland from 27-31 January 2010

At the end of the week, six Global Changemakers will be chosen to represent the group at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos in January 2010.

In order to apply for this event, you need to:

* Complete the online application form
* Send an application video on YouTube (or a different filesharing service – see the instructions)

You can check out the questions on the application form here.

As a reminder, to be selected for the 4th Annual Global Youth Summit, individuals should:

* Be committed to bringing about positive change in their communities
* Have a significant track record of community activism, social entrepreneurship or volunteer work
* Be between 16 and 19 years old in November 2009
* Have a reasonably good command of English (the event will be held in English so participants will need to be able to fluidly communicate with each other)
* Be free to attend the Global Youth Summit in the UK from 15-21 November, as well as the WEF Annual Meeting in Switzerland from 27-31 January 2010, if selected.

What is a Changemaker?

A Changemaker is a young activist operating through a range of national and international networks, who is able to influence his or her community as well as speak to authority with confidence and passion. Changemakers are not afraid to challenge either accepted ways of thinking or their convictions. Changemakers are forward looking, they take their ideas and put them into practice.

A Changemaker accepts difference, is flexible, is able to take on new ideas and skills and will communicate them to others.

For more info, please visit www.global-changemakers.net or email jasongavina@yahoo.com

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