Tuesday, September 9, 2008

8th Global Young Leaders Programme

November 17-28, 2008
Hong Kong/ India

Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT), a not-for-profit company based in HK, is recruiting participants for its 8th Global Young Leaders Programme (YLP) which offers leadership training and at the same time help local social enterprises to grow. Please find details below:

The 8th Global Young Leaders Programme (YLP) is going to take place in November 2008 in Hong Kong and India. A detailed prospectus of the unique programme we have designed for this occasion can be viewed using the following link.

http://www.globalin stitutefortomorr ow.org/files/ file/YLP_ Model_Village_ Prospectus_ Aug_18.pdf

In the last year the YLP has developed a reputation as an innovative approach to leadership development given its unique methodology of linking executive learning with social entrepreneurship and community needs.

The November 2008 programme will begin with an academic MBA-style component in Hong Kong and will be followed by an on-site project based experience in northern India. As part of the on-site project, participants will work to create a business plan to attract investment for Drishtee, an Indian enterprise that is dedicated to creating a sustainable, scalable platform of entrepreneurship for the development of India’s rural economy.

Participants will include about 25 executives from multi-national companies, SMEs, civil society groups and universities. Through the programme, these individuals will gain; an appreciation of Asian globalisation challenges across sectors; hands-on experience to understand future customers and future markets and valuable cross-cultural leadership and partnering skills. Each participant will be evaluated on their performance.

Past participants have included individuals from global companies such as; Standard Chartered, JP Morgan, HP, UBS, Shell, MTRC, CLSA, Cathay Pacific, Beijing Li-Ning Sports, Gammon Construction, Shui On, Credit Suisse, Petronas, V.S. Dempo, e2e – Velankani Group, and the Cheung Kong Group among others.

I would appreciate it if you could pass on the details about this programme to those in your network who may be interested in participating. As places in the programme are limited, we would appreciate an indication of early interest from them by Wednesday, September 17th.

To take part in the program, please contact Ms Bindiya Rupani. Tel: (852) 3571-8204, email: brupani@global-inst.org


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