Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP)

REPRESENT the Philippines as National Leader (35 years old & above) or as Youth Ambassador (18- 30yrs old) to the 2008 SHIP FOR SOUTHEAST ASIAN YOUTH PROGRAM (35th SSEAYP)!

The Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP) is an annual programme sponsored by the Japanese Government and supported by the member-countries of ASEAN.

The programme brings together more than 300 youth from ASEAN countries and Japan, providing them with the unique opportunity to live together on board the Japanese ship Nippon Maru for over 40 days.

SSEAYP started in January 1974 based on Joint Statements issued between Japan and the five ASEAN countries, namely, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Brunei Darussalam joined in 1985. Vietnam participated in the programme in 1996 while Laos and Myanmar participated in 1998, and Cambodia in 2000.

The aim of SSEAYP is to foster friendship and greater understanding among young people from Japan and ASEAN countries. It also seeks to broaden their international outlook.

A series of activities are lined up for the selected participants. The programme during the voyages includes discussions on relevant social and youth issues, cultural introductions, sports, recreation and club activities. While activities at each Country port-of-call include interaction with the local youth, courtesy calls on dignitaries and institutional visits, as well as community service and homestay experience.

Intensive training preparation in Manila for the Philippine Team for almost 45 days.

Actual SSEAYP Program for over 40 days.


Application is now ongoing. Download the forms


Arriane said...
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Anonymous said...

kung ako sa inyo wag na kayo mag-attempt mag-join ngayon. as early as October last year, nakapangako na ang 28 slots ng SSEAYP sa mga minions ng mga Commissioner ng NYC. it's such a sucky government office, mind you walang transparency sa application process nila,even if you possess the best qualificaions, hindi ka kukunin at ibibigay yung slot sa isang political ally or sa isang staff. marami ng mga TOSP alumni na mga naging community workers or highly successful sa careers nila eventually na hindi makapasok-pasok sa SSEAYP at ibang NYC international programs. bakit kaya?

YoungGlobalPinoys said...

i've heard stories like that but on the other hand i know a lot of friends who underwent the process and eventually got in

Anonymous said...

Im a TOSP and I was chosen by SSEAYP.There are intrigues like that but I don't believe that they were selected because they are minions of the Commissioners of NYC.I even thought na ganyan ang process but when I personally experience it transparent naman. we undergo a panel screening and we were rank. I rank 1st and I was chosen. ang mahirap lang sa SSEAYP kasi pati alumni masyadong nakikialam kasi may mga bata bata din sila na gustong ipasok.Din sinisiraan nila ang government afterwards pag hindi nakuha mga bata nila.They are even pretending to be good but infact silang nagpapagulo ng program. Di nga registered ang grupo nila sa SEC.Kaya dismayado ako sa SSEAYP alumni association akala mo kasi kung sinong magagaling. wala namang nagawa para sa kabataang pilipino. instead of helping NYC in the implementation sila pa ang burden ng implementation

concerned SSEAYP alumnus said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, registered sa SEC ang SSEAYP Alumni composed of the duly elected Board (Frankie Bata It so happened na dahil non-stock, non-profit ang registration, nasama ang original registration sa mga nag-expire ang use of name. Ito ang sinamantala ng present NYC para iregister sa ilang alumni (na employees ng NYC) ang paggamit ng name ng Board. Talk about politics and usurpation of name. Tsk Tsk kaso na naman.

And yes, totoo na nagkakadayaan sa selection ng delegates. Di lang sa SSEAYP pati sa lahat ng NYC administered projects. Hindi ba kayo nagtataka kung bakit may mga Rank 1 na hindi nakakapasok? Pero may mga ni wala sa short list ay biglang nakapasok? Na may mga kilala kayo nung college na super brilliant na mga tao in terms of acads and extra-curricular na hindi napipili, pero yung rep ng region nila ay "so-so" lang na ang surname ay kapareho ng isang prominent politician sa lugar?

Transparent? Magugulat ka na lang pag pasok ka na, kung bakit alam ng mga kabatch mo na hindi sila ang rank 1 pero sila ang kasama mo. At kung totoong transparent at walang luto, ano yung patong-patong na kaso na isinampa sa mga Commissioners ng NYC tungkol sa SSEAYP at sa iba pang projects (Ombudsman, PAGC, RTC).

Kung SSEAYP alumnus ka talaga, tulungan mo ang SSEAYP alumni Board sa campaign nito against corruption sa NYC. Yan ang gawin mo para sa Kabataang Pilipino at yan din ang gawin ng NYC, tigilan ang pamumulitika at paggamit sa pera ng bayan para sa pansariling interes. So young, yet so corrupt.

Oh and yes, SSEAYP Alumnus ako.

YoungGlobalPinoys said...

uhhhmm i have some few friends from NYC but im too embarassed to ask them about all these allegations... anyone from NYC please stand up?

Aethen said...

I am a youth applicant of the SHIP FOR SOUTHEAST ASIAN YOUTH PROGRAM.

I am very hopeful to be one of the participating youth in the program this year. I am from South Cotabato.

But with all these comments and intrigues about the selection process in this program, I am dismayed.

I hope that the process will be clean and the best youth representatives must be chosen.


Anonymous said...

Too sad to hear these comments. :-(

Anonymous said...

I am a SSEAYP alumnus.

I know very well that there is corruption in the process of selection of some of the delegates.

I know that very well because I have seen it personally.

It's despicable, disgusting and most of all, immoral. Through the years, ang daming magagaling at karapat-dapat na hindi nakapasok sa SSEAYP dahil sa sariling interes ng ilan sa loob ng NYC.

And this year will be no exception.

It happens year after year after year.

Meron din pumapasok sa malinis na paraan. Pero as the process of selecting delegates becomes more politicized under the present NYC leadership, expect patronage politics to be the norm in the selection process.

Hindi ito ang SSEAYP na alam ko.

I wish the Japanese government, which sponsors this program, could do something about it, since it is just being abused repeatedly by a few politicians with vested interests.

Ben Kalaw said...


I'm Ben Kalaw and I was recently informed that I will be representing NCR for the 35th SSEAYP. I'm really excited and thankful that I was chosen and will be given this opportunity.

I first read the comments in this webpage before my interview and, honestly, I was disappointed. But, I still went to the interview and hoped that I will be given a fair chance.

To cut it short, it’s not true that since Nov of last year, the slots have been given away and I was given a fair chance and got accepted. I'm not saying there is no corruption since I wouldn't know but what I'm saying is that people are still given a fair chance.

So, to all the youth out there, join SSEAYP and just apply until you can.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

Yes you were given a fair chance... kasi ang NCR selection mahirap pasukan ng patronage politics ng NYC. Alam namin yan kasi naging part din kami ng SSEAYP.

Hindi naman lahat pinipili, may pumapasok din through fair means. Atsaka isa pa, "nilinis" ng NYC ang selection process this year kasi nga they know that after what happened in 2007 titirahin sila ulit sa selection ngayon. Kaya ayun, behave muna sila ngayon.

But now that you're in, wait till you hear how the others from other regions get chosen through the years...

Magugulat ka na lang...

You're simply too new to understand what goes on in the selection of some of the delegates for the program.

You'll see later on...

Through the years, various commissioners were able to place their proteges in the program. One of the most notorious was a commissioner from the Visayas--malalaman mo na lang kung sino siya eventually. Kapamilya at kamaganak, pinasok. And one NYC executive director even had his mistress included as a delegate.

This is not secondhand information, kapatid.

And there's no need to convince you. You will simply learn by yourself...

SSEAYP is a clean program, but the selection of the RP delegates for it is not.

Anonymous said...

hahay, had bad experience with NYC. I called, mailed, faxed my request for Indorsement to a training in Spain. Namuti na ang mata ko, walang response. Hanggang sa hindi na ako nakajoin. Kainis talaga. Pirma lang naman ang kailangan.


Nationwide (kalat) na ang balita tungkol sa sulutan na yan ng mga NYC staff, nakakahiya sila.

meron ding mga reklamo sa kanila sa (dun sa forum).

Bakit ba ganyan sila?

Anonymous said...

What happens once you get in? All- expense-paid-trip ba talaga 'yan at pocket money na lang ang iintindihin?

And to all SSEAYP alumni, is it really worth it to leave your job just to join the program? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

... nonsense ang lahat ng ito...

Anonymous said...

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