Monday, May 5, 2008

Scholarships Granted by Italian Government

Request for dissemination from the First Secretary, Mr. Mario Bartoli, Italian Embassy

The Italian Embassy is pleased to inform that, for the academic year 2008-2009, the General Directorate for Cultural Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is offering 20 monthly allowances as scholarship grants to Filipino citizens, to be subdivided among the selected candidates.

Potential candidates are allowed to apply for scholarships in the following courses:

1) Undergraduate and Graduate Programs (Corsi di Laurea). An entrance test from the Italian University is a requirement for admission to these courses. (Medical courses are excluded).

2) Graduate level single courses (monographic or of general knowledge).

3) Ph.D. Level courses. These courses are also submitted to a selection from the hosting Italian University.

4) Research and Master courses in all subjects for a period than can vary from 3 to 12 months, depending on the kind of research.

5) Italian language and culture courses, only for teachers of Italian as well as student majoring in Italian enrolled in the third year at least.


Only scholarships from a min. of 3 up to 12 months will be granted except for Italian language and culture courses whose duration is from 1 to 3 months.


Knowledge of Italian language is a prerequisite.

If not certified by School or University transcripts, it will be ascertained in an interview at the Cultural Office of the Italian Embassy.

The academic requirements are as follows:

- Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree for Graduate and Postgraduate level courses.

- High School Diploma plus two years of College for Bachelor's level courses, Conservatoires and Academies.

- In order to attend Single Courses, enrollment in the Philippine University is required.

Terms of application and deadline

Applicants must send to the Cultural Office of the Embassy, on or before May 23, 2008:

- Application form;

- Detailed Curriculum Vitae with contact numbers;

- Specific information on the studies they intend to pursue in Italy;

- High School and University Transcripts.

The announcement, the application forms and list of required documents can be downloaded from the website > opportunita' di studio e lavoro > borse di studio > per cittadini stranieri.

Eligible candidates, selected by a Joint Committee composed of the Ambassador of Italy (or other members of the Embassy), as well as University Deans and professors and other Filipino cultural authorities, will be notified within June 19, 2008 and requested to submit the following documentation:

- Two (2) letters of recommendation from Professors or Authorities.

- A Medical Certificate attesting the candidate's good health with translation in Italian.

The above said documentation has to be submitted on or before June 26, 2008.

Additional information

Age limit: 35

Airfare: covered by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Accommodations: not included in the monthly allowance.

Insurance: health and accident insurance will be covered by the scholarship, except in case of previous illnesses, dental care or accident in consequence of dangerous activities.

Contact person: the Cultural Office of the Italian Embassy will get in touch with a Tutor, belonging to the Institution where the scholar is going to study, who will assist the recipient of the scholarship in his/her study or research.

Enrollment: pre-enrollment will be processed by the Embassy. The applicants must submit within July 15, 2008 the following documentation:

- 3 photos

- Photocopy of the passport or of the ID.

- Certified true copy of Diploma or Degree with translation into Italian. Only documents certified by the Department of Foreign Affairs will be accepted.

Visa: the Italian Embassy is authorized to release a visa for study to successful applicants as soon as the authorization regarding the grant is officially communicated. The visa issued will then expire at the end of the period of their courses.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the
Cultural Office of the Italian Embassy through tel. ns.892 4531 or fax
n.817 1436 or via e-mail to culturale.manila@


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