Friday, October 24, 2008

Asean 10 Joint Programme

The National Youth Commission, in conjunction with the Japan Information and Culture Center (JICC) of the Embassy of Japan and the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE), is inviting applicants for Student Ambassadors and Supervisors to Asean 10 Joint Programme” as part of the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) Programme.

The JENESYS Programme, funded by the Japanese Government and in partnership with the ASEAN Secretariat, is to deepen understanding of the different facets of the Japanese society including politics, diplomacy, economics and culture and to form the basis of future vision and construct firm solidarity among Asian countries which will promote mutual understanding of the future generation of ASEAN and East Asia Summit member countries.

Qualifications of Student Ambassadors:

• Filipino, single, must be between 16 to 18 years old, on or before April 1, 2009

• Of good moral character

• With exemplary leadership skills: must be an officer of a youth organization in his/her current or immediate past educational institution or any community (public or private) organization

• Must be currently enrolled in a college or university with a Graded Weight Average (GWA) of 2.25 or 85% equivalent, with no failing marks in the preceding semester

• Physically and mentally fit to travel

• Must be a first time traveler to Japan and or must not have been a grantee or recipient of any NYC funded international travel or Japanese Government grant

• Must be knowledgeable of the history, geography, culture and arts, and the current issues on the Philippines , and fairly knowledgeable in those of Japan and other East Asian countries

• Must be an officer or an active member of a youth organization for at least one (1) year immediately preceding the date of application

• Must be willing to be an active NYC and JICC volunteer after the program to continue to promote the learnings about Japan and the Japanese culture gained from the JENESYS Programme

• Area representation would be based on the place of the school, college, or university enrolled in

Application requirements for Student Ambassadors

• Two (2) copies of the Application Form with passport-sized pictures with white background attached to each form (all original, no scanned pictures)

• Two (2) copies of JENESYS Entry Form

• Two (2) photocopies of birth certificate (from the National Statistics Office-NSO)

• An essay which states the applicant's a) reasons for applying; b) expectations of the programme; c) if chosen, the preparations the applicant will undertake prior to departure (Maximum of 100 words per question)

• Two (2) copies of resume, not more than three (3) pages

• Two (2) copies of Certificate of Good Moral Character, issued by the school, college or university (1 original and 1 photocopy)

• Two (2) copies of certified true copy of grades

• Two (2) copies of Police or NBI clearance

• Completed NYC Volunteers' application form

• Certification from school or organization that the applicant is an officer

Qualifications for Supervisors

• Filipino, must be between 30 to 50 years old, as of April 1, 2009

• Must be of good moral character

• Physically and mentally fit to travel

• Experienced in handling, managing or supervising groups

• Knowledgeable in ASEAN, Japan and other international concerns

• Preferably speaks the Japanese language

Application requirements for Supervisors

Two (2) copies of NYC application forms, with white background passport sized picture attached to each form (all original, no scanned picture)
Two (2) copies of JENESYS Entry Form
Two (2) photocopies of birth certificate (from the National Statistics Office-NSO)
Two (2) copies of resume, not more than three (3) pages
Two (2) copies of certification from his/her Division Chief and the Executive Director of a VS rating for two (2) consecutive rating periods prior to travel and permitting him/her to participate to the JENESYS Programme
Two (2) copies of a certification from the Chief of the Administration and Finance Division that he/she has no pending unliquidated cash advances
Two (2) copies of valid Police or NBI clearance (1 original and 1 photocopy)
Submission of application forms

Applicants may submit to Ms Marielou A. Chua of the JENESYS Programme Secretariat of the National Youth Commission, 4 th floor, Bookman Building , 373 Quezon Ave. , Quezon City . Deadline for submission of application forms and documentary requirements is not later than 5:00 o' clock in the afternoon of December 15, 2008.

For submission through mail, the Secretariat should receive the application forms and requirements post marked before December 15, 2008, including those submitted to the Area Offices.

Application forms with incomplete requirements shall automatically be disqualified.

All transportation expenses will be paid for by the organizer, subject to submission of official receipts.

To download application form, visit:


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