Thursday, November 13, 2008

World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific Internship Program

The Asia Pacific Internship Program is open to all World Youth Alliance members in the Asia Pacific region between the ages of 16 and 30.

Internships are voluntary and may be done on a part or full-time basis. All internships will be coordinated and supervised by the Regional Directors of the Asia Pacific office.


1. To identify and train young leaders to communicate articulately on behalf of the intrinsic dignity of the human person and a culture of life

2. To develop a vocabulary with which to engage the international community and larger culture on issues relating to the dignity of the person, human rights, and integral development

3. To provide work-related experience to members of the World Youth Alliance

4. To involve members directly by handling projects of the World Youth Alliance

The Program

Internships run for 10 to 12 weeks on the average. Interns will be assigned a project and will be in-charge of implementing it according to the specifics in the brief. All externships will be divided into three main components, namely the introductory training, project development, and project assessment.

Introductory Training
All interns begin with their basic training (Track A of the Certified Training Program). Training will be facilitated by the staff of the regional office and when possible, outside experts. It will focus on two areas namely human rights philosophy and the dignity of the human person as the basis for all human rights. Training sessions will be done as a group and will be held once a week. These will be facilitated by a supervisor.

Project Development
Interns will be chosen for and briefed on a project. Projects may focus on international law, public relations, diplomacy, research, a project related to another regional office or to provide regional support for an existing project. All projects will include concrete goals and tasks formulated in cooperation between the intern, the program coordinator (when applicable) and the supervisor.

Project Assessment
In the middle and end of the program, an evaluation of the project and the program will be conducted. Interns will be required to write a final report and finalize their research in consultation with WYA staff and other experts.

Deadlines for Submission

All applications must be submitted by mail to the World Youth Alliance Asia Pacific by the following dates:

1. January 12 (Monday) to March 28 (Friday)
Deadline: December 12 (Friday)
2. April 20 (Monday) to June 26 (Friday)
Deadline: March 13 (Friday)
3. July 6 (Monday) to September 18 (Friday)
Deadline: June 8 (Monday)
4. October 12 (Monday) to December 18 (Friday)
Deadline: September 21 (Monday)

Confirmation of receipt of applications will be sent via email. Final decision will be given one week after the interview.

For further inquiries, please contact Desiree Go at or the Asia Pacific office through tel/fax (632) 433 0715.

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