Thursday, January 21, 2010

4th China-ASEAN Youth Artwork Creativity Contest


The “China-ASEAN Youth Creativity Artwork Creativity Contest” aims to promote and deepen the political, cultural and economic exchanges and cooperation between China and the ASEAN countries.

The Contest is open to all young artists and art lovers from entry to professional level age 18 to 50 years old.

Scope of Artworks:

Artworks must have a clear theme and conception novel to show the better life of people or to reflect the China and ASEAN countries’ positive mental outlook. Entries must be photography and Chinese painting and calligraphy.

Photographic Entries’ Requirements:

1. Entries must be original works taken after 2007 (did not participate in the photography of similar events; must not undergo any computer stitching, rendering and other processing).
2. Printed photos must be 8-inch (the long side is 25cm, square side is 20cm and the length and width of the frame must meet or exceed 2:1 ratio- long side can be 30cm).; Digital photos must not be less than 1megabyte
3. Number of entries- five (group) for per person, single; group is available (group photography could be as one work).
4. Entries could be in black and white, color (single or group entry (1 group is limited to 4-8 pics taken as 1 work (film and digital)); Entries must be made as photo and must not be mounted.
5. Put the title of the entry, cameras, lens, film location, time, author’s name, mailing address, telephone, mail and so on at the back of the artwork.
6. Winners must submit negatives or electronic files of the artworks within one (1) week after the notice received; Scanned film and electronic documents must be above 40megabytes; Digital photos are required to submit original documents.

Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Requirements:

1. Calligraphy is limited to brush restrictions calligraphy; Painting is limited to Chinese painting and watercolors.
2. Entries must be original works done after 2007 (did not participate in the photography of similar events).
3. Entries specification- work size must not be less than 4 feet Xuan paper; the biggest is no more than 8 feet.
4. Artworks must be straight suitable; cursive release must be accompanied by scripts; works must not be mounted; Preliminary works must be accorded with 7-inch entries for evaluation.
5. Each author’s entries must be no more than two (2) works.
6. Put title and size of the artwork, author’s name, contact address, postcode, telephone number, e-mail address in the registration form.

Note: Participants must be responsible for their own artworks image rights and intellectual property issues. If Contest Organizing Committee suffered losses for artwork image rights and intellectual property issues, the participants must compensate all the losses for the Organizing Committee.

Submission of Entries:

Primary artworks must be directly mailed to the Contest Organizing Committee Office before June 30, 2010 (taking the local postmark date as correct).

Address: “China-ASEAN Youth Artwork Creativity Contest”
Organizing Committee Office, Top.
China-ASEAN Museum of Art, Jinhui Ruyifang,
No. 1 South Road of Fengling,
Nanning, Guangxi, China, 530022
Tel: +86-771-2351112, 2531113
Fax: +86-771-2351113

Application form is downloadable from the contest website.


Photography Artworks:

First Prize: 10000 RMB cash (1 winner)
Second Prize: 3000 RMB cash (3 winners)
Third Prize: 2000 RMB cash (10 winners)
Excellent Prize: 500 RMB cash (20 winners)
Selected Prize: 300 RMB cash (50 winners)

Chinese Painting and Calligraphy:

First Prize: 10000 RMB cash (2 winners)
Second Prize: 5000 RMB cash (20 winners)
Third Prize: 3000 RMB cash (40 winners)
Excellent Prize: 1000 RMB cash (100 winners)
Selected Prize: 600 RMB cash (100 winners)
Organizer: Guangxi Bangyang Asian United Arts and Culture Co., Ltd.

An album of all the exhibited works will be published. Authors whose photo work has won selected or excellent award will be granted an album. The organizing committee will issue certificates of selected artworks or excellent works to selected artwork or excellent artworks winners.

All creators who send the physical works for judging and exhibition are regarded as having abided by the rules above.

The Contest Organizing Committee reserves the final right to interpret.

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