Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Global Youth Forum on Development 2008

6-12 April 2008
Nairobi, Kenya

This will be an annual event that brings young people of 35 years and below to show case to the world what they can do. The proposed forum seeks to create a platform for the youth to network and build partnerships amongst themselves. It will also provide an opportunity for the youth to share experiences lessons learnt best/promising practices and challenges from the different sector(s) they are engaged in towards towards hastening the realization of Millenium Development Goals 2015 (MDG 2015).

Specific objectives
· To share experiences in their area of operations
· To network with other like minded
·To show case their activities through seminars presentation, Posterpresentations and exhibitions.
· Networking and building partnership
· Working together for greater impact
· Sharing experience and know how.
· To show case their activities through seminars presentation, poster presentation and exhbition

What we intend to achieve
· Strengthen relationship between the youth in different regions
· Enhanced collaboration and partnership between civil society, private sector and the governments for a common goal - service to the youth.
· Bring the youth together to show case their activities and strengthen partnership networking and collaborating among themselves and private sector and governments.
· Ideas and policies towards
· Ensure effective delivery of services through collaborating and networking.
· Create an enabling environment for best practices

Main goal: build the capacity of our fellow youth and facilitate the process where undiscovered potential can be utilized to ensure continuous growth of the youth in all aspects.

Gender equality promotion
To ensure greater gender equity and girls empowerment and influence in all levels of development process

Policy research and advocacy unit
·To build capacities to identify and pursue research and advocacy agenda
·To build alliances, networks and coalitions to push the anti-poverty agenda
·To engage policy makers and influence policy making in favour of the youth.

Education for all campaign
To ensure endorsement and implementation of the laws that ensures universal quality free basic education by focusing on childhood, primary and secondary education.

Basic rights campaign
Ensuring enshrinement of the right to food, education, water, healthcare, housing and information.Creating an enabling environment in which government agencies and communities can jointly regulate resource use.

· GYFOD Mission statement: - committed to the integration of gender perspective in all government policies and programmes to remove obstacles to youth participation in public life and decision making at all levels

GYFOD2008 acknowledges that youth are creative and innovative. We strive to empower young people how they can tap into positive forces and existing youth business networks through tangible, cost effective, sustainable projects by promoting growth and the Youth capacity to utilize the available resources and opportunities for sustained benefits of the youth themselves.

GYFOD2008 envisions a world where all young people take the lead as active participants in deciding and change at all levels of development and policy making; enabling more speedy reaction and effectual change in societies by naturing and developing themselves to realize their maximum potential in restoring the impaired and marginalized youth capacity through facilitating the process of maximum utilization of available reasons with supplement of minimum external resources


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