Wednesday, May 30, 2007

International Young Professional Summit 2008

19-22 August 2008
Manchester, UK

IYPS2008 is the international gathering of the International Young Professionals Foundation. It is an event for all young professionals (IYPF members or not) who are or want to be positive change makers in their local and global community. It will be an entry point for new members, investors and friends in the work of IYPF.

Delegates will be talented and committed young professionals in developing and developed countries who are committed to or interested in developing and applying their skills, knowledge, resources and capacities to be positive change makers in their local and global community.

Delegates who attend the Summit will have the following attributes:

Ability to effect environmental and social change through their occupations, skills and initiatives

Possess a good understanding of global, regional or local issues in any of the Summit theme and sub-theme areas

Typically have links to and/or the support of home country or international organisations

They will be bound by a common passion for using their skills and knowledge for the betterment of our world. The Summit organising committee values diversity and will strive to balance the selection of delegates from locations around the world. The delegate mix is expected to be geographically and demographically diverse. For example, delegates might include high school teachers from Thailand, water engineers in Australia, community workers from Zambia or lawyers from the USA. Delegates must however be between 18 and 35 years old.



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